Saturday, June 26, 2010

She is mine and I will name her Red

Red is mine. M.I.N.E. No one is allowed to touch me. Period. Red keeps inviting people over and they insist on touching me. Some even have the audacity in attempting to pick me up. The horror of it all.

One afternoon Red had her brother over. I don't believe it was her brother. Who would have a brother that is accompanied by two boisterous children and a calm woman who smells like other cats. If that man has cats as he claims he should know you DO NOT scratch my butt without my permission AND you don't pick me up. I am a dignified young lady NOT some beauty to be pawed. *Scoffs* I let this young man know in no uncertain terms that his behavior was unacceptable. I did feel guilty when Red walked in after I hissed and yowled at this man. She was kind enough to reassure me that I was still a good girl and that her brother wasn't listening to me as he should.

Recently she had another guest over and she had the gaul to touch me! How dare she?! Red quickly stepped in to rescue me but it was so fast I couldn't see to clearly that it was Red. I might have hissed at her and for that I am very sorry.

Good people, please admire me and give me praise but don't touch me. Red only gets that priviledge.

Note from Red: This is totally unlike Hester. Perhaps it is my fault since I have a quiet life. Few people visit since we all have different schedules. When Hester is touched or someone attempts to pick her up she makes a distressing cry for help. Poor thing. She really scared my brother when she was picked up. She is just very beautiful so it isn't surprising that everyone wants to be with her.


  1. Hester, sweetie, at least now you've made your point clear and mom can warn other beans to worship you from afar.

    Just so you know, when I didn't have a lot of visitors, some of my kittehs felt the same way. But now that there are more beans passing through, just about everyone has relaxed. It could happen for you, too!

  2. Some kitties just don't care to have their routine upset...Hester may be a One-Red Cat.

  3. She's just a momma's girl and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

  4. Yep, there's nothing wrong with that. Some kittehs are incredibly loving, but they don't let people outside of their households know. :)

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  7. I only allow mommy to pick me up but I am fairly sociable with lady friends mama has. I only like my mom's bean children as far as men are concerned. I didn't get a lot of people around me as mommy was always a 12 hour shift rotation mommy and she worked a lot.


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