Thursday, November 12, 2009

A sad post

This post is for my co-worker who adopted a kitten a week ago. The kitten died yesterday. Her poor young son sat in the corner and cried looking at the pictures on the digital camera. She and her husband tried to do everything they possibly could to save that little beauty. The pet store where they got the kitten had a long history of bad animals, etc. and sending people to a disreputable vet who gave kick backs to the pet store. This poor little girl kitten was a victim as was my co-worker. My deepest condolences to her and her family. All I know is that little kitten is on the "Rainbow bridge" waiting for her family who loved her deeply even for the shortest amount of time.

I love my two little trouble makers with all my being and I am glad they have come into my life.


  1. If they are ever ready, an itty bitty from a humane society or maybe even from Laurie. How sad, please pass along my good thoughts to them.

  2. Oh no! We're so very sad to hear that the little girl kitten has run off to the Rainbow Bridge. Poor little thing.

    Sending purrs to your friend's family to comfort them,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  3. :( sending virtual hugs.
    So sad. Thank her humans for loving her during her short life.

  4. My condolences to your co-worker. But, if it's not to forward of me to note, if this person's your co-worker, that means she's in the Laurie Cinotto/IBKC area, right? Would it be too soon to consider the Drapers that Laurie is currently fostering?

  5. I'm sorry that your co-worker's family have suffered such a sad loss. On behalf of cats everyshere, my kitties say thanks to them for loving the little baby kitten while she was with them. Big hugs to them,

    Karen (Mum) with Gypsy & Tasha

  6. I hope your co-worker gets good and mad and contact your local ASPCA and your Attorney General's office to file compliants. Ditto on the vet, who should have their liscense pulled.
    Grrr! I'm pissed. I hope your co-worker and son can heal and open their hearts to another kitten looking for a home soon.

  7. How awful!
    I must second sam and say that I hope they talk to the local ASPCA and the AG's office. That sort of thing has to stop. Also, if they can get the word out locally that the shop is sketchy, that'd be good too. There was a Petland shut down in California (if I recall) due to publicity from them using puppy mills and such.

    That poor wee girl, and that poor family :(


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