Friday, February 20, 2009

It always starts like this...

Morning Scene - Enid: Yaaaawnnnn. Is it morning already? *Smacks lips* Well *Sighing* if MUST get out of bed...I will. BUT only if there is breakfast involved.

Enid: Hmmmm. This is interesting. OMG! It moves and leave parts behind for me to play with. I think I can sharpen my claws on this. Woooo-hooo. I love this new toy Red left for me. It is too good to be left in this room. HEY, Hester! Look what I found! Wait! I will bring it to you!

Enid: Isn't it cool? We can chew on it and play with. You know what is the best thing EVAR?! There is an inexhaustable supply in that little room Red uses from time to time.

Enid: I HAVE got to share with the birds that perch outside. Do they know we have COOL stuff inside?

At Day's End - Enid: Ahhhh. It was a good day! Don't I LOOK cute? I would NEVER use my cuteness for destruction! The toilet paper was always there, don't you know that Red (I am no longer blonde)?! Hey, Hester! Red left it all over the floor right? The toilet paper not the toys!!

Hester: I am not getting involved. Nope!


  1. OK, that's too cute that Enid calls you Red now!

  2. I just have to say that I'm sure little Miss Angel-Wings (with her infinite cuteness) is not capable of that kid of naughtiness...all the evidence is circumstantial! That toilet paper must just shred itself and rolled over to the living room. Poor Enid!

  3. Besides, the toilet paper had it coming! It was threatening to attack Red next time she touched it. Enid was merely defending her much-loved Red, like the little angel her wings say she is.

    And who would you believe, anyway, your own eyes or big innocent kitty eyes?

  4. haha! You knows what to do wif toiletpaper and noone told you! That's cool. Iz love to shred it too but our meowmie doesnt like it. Purrs

    Peffe & Lussie

  5. Not that little angel!!!! Those photos HAD to be photoshopped.

    Patti in KY

    P.S. You need to show your girls the current picture of their sisters on the IBKC website!


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