Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sigh. Hester!!!!!!

This morning while getting ready for work Hester decided to climb into the bathroom cabinet. This is a normal occurrence in the morning. Both Enid and Hester will fight over drawer space and who can steal the most Q-tips. However, when I installed this cabinet we had to cut a hole in the base since it had to go over the pipes (1940s house with quirks). It is hole of approximately 12 inches by 4 inches.  Need I explain what happened next?!

Hester wormed her way into the hole and under the cabinet while I was drying my hair. It totally looked like she couldn't get out so I promptly called my father for help. While waiting the (longest) 30 minutes for my father I dug out my "craft saw"to start cutting a new and bigger hole for Hester. She was purring and making biscuits the whole time with the occasional attempts to get out of the pickle she had gotten herself into.

Thankfully my father shows up, pops his head over the counter door and out pops Hester from the hole. It was like watching the birth of a kitten from my bathroom cabinet. First comment out of my father was "We (my mother and him) don't understand how you can be so rational and logical about things in life EXCEPT when it comes to these cats!!! She got in, she can get out don't you know!"

Project for this weekend is eliminating the hole problem. AND here my vet told Hester was overweight (both got a clean bill of heath). Bah! Now, Enid on the other hand.....

Enid: HEY!
Red: Love you Enid and all your little pudgy spots.
Enid: Okay (grudgingly) I am still leaving a wet glitter ball in your bed.


  1. Hilarious! Would love to see some pics of the little cow kitties please! ( Came over from IBKC)

  2. I love this story - especially your dad's comment. That's just how it is - we worry. :)

  3. I just love the LaBath gals....and young cats are just magnets for what we humans call "trouble"

  4. Que historia tan bonita, me llena de muchos recuerdos!!



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