Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny happenings with Enid

One day my best friend came to visit and to check on the health of Hester. He knows how much these girls mean to me. Our friendship started at the worst of times for me - putting down myfirst two cats - Romulus and Remus (and yes they were twins!)

Any-hoo, he decided he wanted to have tea at my dining room table. So did Enid. Enid isn't one to be left out when there is good tea floating around AND where there is someone at the table to love her. Well, my friend picked her up and put her on the floor. All the while admonishing her for her bad behavior. In Enid fashion, she flicked her tail at him as if to say "F you!"

Tea drinking commenced and Enid snuck around the table and perched herself on the chair behind my friend. As he propped his exposed elbow on the back of his chair Enid pounced. She
bit him in the elbow and trounced off into my lap. It was hysterical! She sat in my lap for a moment and gave me look as if to say "Can I get on the table?" I told her not right now. She gave my nose a lick and went off to play with Hester. My poor friend was shocked and stunned. He also told me I spoil my cats. :P

Isn't she full of innocence? She may appear to be a bit of a fluff-brain but she is very smart.

Little known fact about Enid - she has a blue spot on her belly. I swear! It looks like someone took a blue sharpie and inked her. I would take a picture but she doesn't like anyone to see it least of all me.


  1. Spoil our feline overlords? By definintion, impossible! ;-)

  2. Oh, Enid - she of the angel wings? Someone's halo is getting a little tarnished ;) She's still awfully cute though!

  3. Smart and feisty....what else could she be?

  4. Ah well, she was just making sure he understood that this was *her* house :)

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  6. That's probably her tattoo. When girl kitties get fixed at the HS, they give them a little tattoo on their incision. That way, if they are ever turned into the shelter, they can shave a strip on their belly to look for the tattoo and then they'll know the've been altered.


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