Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you in there Hester?

Enid: HESTER?! Where are you? I have a lovely glitter ball to share with you. HESTER?! Red! RED! Where is my sister!!!!?
Me: Enid, Hester is in the hospital since she got stung by wasp.
Enid: Why? I get stung all the time and you don't take me to the hospital. She must be outside. I think you are lying to me.
Me: Enid. I would not lie to you. She is at the hospital.
Enid: Liar!

Hours later
Enid: Hester! Where have you been?!
Hester: Sigh. I went to the hospital.
Enid: You are such a fibber just like Red. You must have gotten outside OR Red hid you in one of the cabinets. I looked everywhere for you.
Hester: I was at the hospital! I swear!
Enid: Nuh-uh. By the way you smell funny. Did you go to the hospital?
Hester: Sigh. I love you Enid.

Doctor report - He said I got her in just in time. They shaved her paw and looked for the stinger but found nothing. At one point he wasn't so sure it was a wasp and kind questioned me on the phone (I understand doubt). I told him I knew it was a wasp since Enid promptly ate it. Enid loves their crunchiness. So she is home and I have to monitor for the rest of the evening for any problems. The vets told me there should be no problem what-so-ever. :D


  1. So glad to hear it! Thanks for posting quickly for those of us who were trying not to check every few minutes and failing! ;-)

  2. Thank goodness. What a relief this must be, for all three of you. I'm glad.

  3. Whew...can there be anything else to say. That's just so scary!

  4. Glad to hear everyone is home and on the mend.
    I have made more than 1 frantic trip to the vet in rush hour - nothing more scarey. Snorlges to both girls

  5. Whew, thank goodness it all turned out okay...I didn't see the earlier post which saved me worrying about Hester all day (I know, I obsessively worry not only about my own cats but everyone else's cats too...!)

    Please give both girls a big kiss from their Auntie Hyacinths...my kitties are sending purrs, knowing how awful it is to visit the v-e-t!

  6. We're glad to hear that you're okay, Hester! That sounds like it was mighty scary! Enid, she'll stop smelling funny soon - really.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  7. So glad to hear that everyone is home and well again. What a scary day. Hugs all around.

  8. We are very happy Hester is OK. Kisses and hugs from the boys. P.S. Albert said he'd be very happy to open a can of Whoop A** on those stupid wasps. No one hurts his IBKC family and gets away with it!!


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