Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's it! I am gonna find the camera!

Me: I am getting that camera so get out of my way girls!

Enid: What did we do?

Hester: Yeah. Why the sudden rush to get the camera?

Me: When I find out WHO TOOK MY CLEAN SOCK TO THE LITTER BOX I am gonna post incriminating photos of you two. It was my clean sock! Why would you take it to the little box?!

*Enid looks at Hester. Hester looks at Enid. Enid and Hester look at me*

Both together: We didn't touch your clean sock.

Me: Riiiiight. I am not buying it. Period. *Walking away*

Enid and Hester commence with the giggling.


  1. Of course they wouldn't do such a thing! It was the dog, I tell you, the dog! Well, I know you don't have a dog, but maybe it was the neighbor's dog, who snuck in, grabbed your clean sock, threw it in the litterbox (lovely), and ran off giggling :) Or maybe it was you, Blondie (or is it still Red?)...maybe you threw your clean sock in the litterbox, then got amnesia and forgot all about it...or maybe...

    Oh who are we kidding?! I bet it was Enid :)

  2. As I believe I posted to you elsewhere, of course it was your clean sock. Those lady-like, precious girls would never taint their paws by touching a dirty sock.

    Sheesh. :)

  3. Maybe they're trying to say something about your new detergent? :-)

    Because your sweet innocent little kitties would never misbehave.


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